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MoonStar Technical Support Library

Welcome to the MoonStar technical support library. MoonStar's internet service supports many different operating systems. The operating systems and software included in this library are only what we currently have documented. If you do not see the software or operating system that you are using please call 434-392-1770 for technical support.

Before continuing through this website, many problems can be fixed by following the simple suggestions below.

  1. Check the Important Notices first to make sure that your problem is not due to a known issue which is already being addressed. During a T1 outage you will still be able to access this website and your email. We will use those to keep customers updated in these situations.
  2. Shut down the computer all the way to the point where the computer is completely powered off. Leave it a few seconds and then turn it back on again. Note that simply rebooting will not fix all problems!
  3. Check your connections and make sure they are snug. (plug, jack, etc.)

You will need to know which operating system and version your computer is running to best use the technical support library.



If our online support was unable to answer your question (or if your operating system is not listed above), please call us at 392 1770 or email support@moonstar.com.

Before Contacting Technical Support make sure you can provide the following information to better help us deal with your problem.

  • Name
  • Username (This is the first part of your email address.)
  • Description of problems
  • Error messages are very important. If you can't leave the error message on the screen while you call please write it down or print it out. A summary is not good enough as specific wordings can help us narrow down the problem faster and more effectively.
  • Have the computer in front of you and turned on.
  • A list of any recently installed software or hardware.
  • Any other information that may be relevant