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MoonStar bbs has been in existance since 1987, providing local (Farmville) area computer users a means of sharing email and files. We've expanded quite a bit since then and in February, 1996 we were pleased to announce the availability of our internet services!

With our internet connectivity services, we eliminated the worst problem of being an internet user in central Virginia at that time...the long-distance phone charges incurred in connecting to your service provider.

Now we provide (56kbps V.90 and X2, and ISDN) dialup access to the internet at a Farmville exchange (434-392) telephone number and high-speed (DSL, Fractional-T1, T1) connections! We also provide webhosting with full e-commerce capabilities and website design services. To find out more about the services that we offer please check out the "Services Offered" section of this website.

MoonStar has been providing internet service to the Farmville area continuously for 8 years now. We saw the opportunities that awaited for this area on the Internet and made a commitment to make sure the area was not left behind. Since then, MoonStar has always been around making sure there was always a local Internet Service doing things properly and with the best interests of our friends and neighbors at heart. We support local causes both financially and by donating our time and expertise. We are also creating high-tech jobs in the area hiring from the local talent pool and slowing down the "brain drain".

If you would like to contact us you can email info@moonstar.com or call (434) 392 1770.

See you online!
Lon & MJ
sysops of MoonStar

104 S. Virginia Street, Farmville, VA 23901