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MoonStar now offers high-speed internet access with our DSL service. There are two levels of service which are classified by the download and upload speed .. the first number is your download speed and the second is your upload speed**. DSL is currently available locally in Farmville, Dillwyn, Hampden-Sydney, Crewe, Burkeville, Buckingham Court House, Arvonia and Prospect. Not everyone in these areas will qualify, you must be within 18,000 feet of the telephone company central office. To find out if you qualify email us stating your current phone number.


  • 256K/128K - $36 per month *NEW*
  • 512K/128K - $52 per month $47 per month
  • 1.5M/384K - $105 per month

$100 installation fee refunded after 1 year of DSL service with MoonStar

This price is all-inclusive...no hidden charges!


  • Use of a fully configured, business-class router with full firewall capabilities. Connect and protect all of your computers!
  • Static IP address included
  • Up to 7 email addresses
  • 10Mb for web pages
  • 56K Dial up access included, for backup or when you're away from home
  • Splitter installed where practical...no unsightly filters needed!

If you have any questions or need any further information please give us a call at 434-392-1770

**Note: with DSL you are in the same situation as a dial up modem in that your speed cannot be guaranteed. It depends on various things like your distance from the phone company, the quality of the line, etc.