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Make the Connect Faster

MoonStar has teamed up with Proxyconn to offer our dial up customers their Internet Acceleration Service at no additional cost** to you. Just download the client software from this page then fill in the form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with your access code. Try it out for 7 days and if you are not happy just uninstall the software from your system. If you like the service you can keep using at no additional cost to you.

**One access code is included with each MoonStar account on condition that your MoonStar balance is current. If you wish to run Proxyconn on additional machines you will need to purchase additional codes at $3.50 per month.

Proxyconn also includes pop-up and banner ad blocking. Select this link to read our faq about Proxyconn Internet Acceleration Service. If you still have questions email us at info@moonstar.com. No client is currently available for Macintosh or Linux operatings systems. A Macintosh client is being developed and should be available in the next 6 months. If you would like to request a client for another operating system email us and let us know.

Select this link to download the software.

Note: This information is just for us at MoonStar to verify with information we have on record. It will not be shared with anyone including Proxyconn. We do not share customer information with anyone without explicit permission from the customer.

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